Tuesday, September 13, 2011

personal and social conflicts..

This is probably more a post on plus rather than a blog post, but it got too long. So here it goes..

I have been reading a parenting book by John Medina - Brain rules for baby(highly recommended), trying to morph into a good parent and everything... anyhoo.. I found this little nugget in the book. The author is describing some observations by two sociologists Edward Jones and Richard Nisbett - "People view their own behaviors as originating from amendable, situational constraints, but they view others behaviours as originating from inherent, immutable personality traits". Thinking back to a lot of my everyday work, home and family experiences - this explains things so well.. everytime I feel like I am right, or everytime I think things ought to be done differently, maybe it's just my assymmetric brain failing to see the other side of the problem.

After reading that.. I couldn't help but admire these sociologists - reducing everything down to predictable, simple facts and observations.

anyways.. thought I'd share. Next time, a little more putting yourself in the other persons shoes and a little less of the "jump to conclusions" mat!